MOMS Club® of Alpharetta-East

"Moms Offering Moms Support®"


Each month we send out a Newsletter and Calendar of planned activities for our members. Below is a partial list of some of the activities we plan on a monthly basis. Children are welcome at all activities and you may choose what you and your child(ren) participate in. Your level of participation may vary week to week or month to month.


  • Lunch and Play
  • Playgroups
  • Park Plays 
  • Holiday Parties 
  • Craft Days 
  • Storytime at Local Libraries and Bookstores 
  • Day Trips: Museums, Shows, Play Centers, Farms
  • Moms Night Out
  • Stroller Walks
  • Mommy Mixers 


Playgroups are a large and vital part of the MOMS Club®.  They provide a “small group environment” in which your children can grow and foster social relationships.  Playgroups provide your child(ren) with consistent playmates and provide you with regular contact with other moms, which helps to nurture lasting friendships.  Each playgroup usually has between 5 and 8 children and is divided by age.  Our playgroups meet on a weekly basis usually at a members home, but occasionally some of our groups plan to meet at play places or parks. This is in addition to the monthly MOMS Club® calendar.  We start new playgroups each fall, and new members are welcomed into a group at the start of membership.

Moms night out

While most of our activities are during the day, our Moms Night Out is an opportunity to meet up with just us moms once a month.  We choose different venues, like Restaurants, Bowling, Top Golf, etc. and usually stick around from 7:30 to 10:30, so we're more than happy to have you drop in after children are ready for bed.